Technical & Fundamental Analysis
Mastering the Art of In-Depth Analysis

Technical Analysis

From financial analysts and investment professionals to traders and economists, the Capital Review team boasts decades of industry success and experience. Our belief is that a company and opportunity should be viewed in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term.

Technical analysis of a company boils down to two factors: supply and demand. Studying these two factors will help determine the trend of a company moving forward. Analyzing a companies market activity, historical pricing, and volume help to identify patterns for possible future activity. Technical analysis is based on the assumption that history repeats itself because price moves in trends.

Event-Driven Strategies

We live in a world where news never sleeps, and successful portfolio managers and traders must always keep abreast of binary news items on the internet and legacy media. Of course, given the volume of information, it's a significant task to process and act on the information gushing out of the news wires, separating the signal from the noise, what they mean for specific equities, and how to interpret the information.

Navigating the New Landscape

You've seen the headlines about supercomputer-generated manipulation, high frequency trading (HFT), dark pools, and institutional level churn—but the key is to remain calm, cool, and collected in the knowledge that investing and trading opportunities are still abound in the capital markets.

Our analysts and contributors, with decades of experience working in the industry, can help you navigate this new landscape with the right market systems and know-how.

Initial and Secondary Public Offerings

Ever since the 2008-09 market crash, IPOs and secondary market offerings have been steadily on the rise—and that's a good thing, because they're essential for healthy market activity. Traders and market participants who want to succeed must have an understanding of this capital market sub segment, since it is a focus of significant trading activity and strategy construction.

Taking on the Institutions

Investing is a serious game when it comes to keeping and growing your money. As a small player, how do you compete, knowing that the biggest players in the market—including institutional money managers and hedge funds—have the market knowledge and tools to beat, if not manipulate, the market in their favor?

Capital Review is on your side. As a subscriber, you'll gain an insider's understanding of the institutional platforms and players, and their role in the financial playing field.